International British Polo Day Marked by the Matches at Jodhpur Polo Ground.

A British Polo Day encapsulates the history, heritage and tradition of the game of polo. It combines the traditions of Wimbledon, the exhilaration of Royal Ascot and the all day-experience of Lords with the world’s oldest sport in a quintessentially British day.

As part of the international British Polo Day, a series of chukkas took place at the Maharaja of Jodhpur’s Private Polo Club on December10 and 11, 2011, including the famous Cavalry v Guards elephant polo match.

On December10, 2011 Mayo College beats Eton College to take the “Yuvraj Shivraj Singh Cup” home in a thrilling match. Ransher Singh hits 5 goals to secure his team’s win in an exciting finish. Alex De Lisle of Eton College scored 3 goals. The following day a match was played between British Army & Jodhpur Eagles. Results were in the favor of British Army with 5 to 3 score.

The event culminated with a gala dinner.


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