‘Rajasthan Calling’ Campaign in India to Boost Tourism in Rajasthan

A two-month campaign that will tour 22 Indian cities showcasing Rajasthan’s food and culture to further boost the states’ tourism is launched in India.

‘Rajasthan Calling’ kick started on Dec 16 from Gurgaon, Haryana and will stopover for three days in each city as part of promoting the campaign.

The campaign would facilitate better understanding about the state and provide complete information and showcase our traditional culture including handicraft and food. The major highlight of the festival will be live dances, shopping and a food court. This is not all, the famous Rajasthani delicacies like dal baati choorma, kachori, mirchi pakora and traditional sweets will definitely titillate the taste buds of the visitors.

Meanwhile, handicrafts and other local attractions like wooden toys, terracotta, stone artifacts, gota and Zardozi work, and leather products will surely be crowd-pullers. 

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With 13.78 lakh foreign tourists and 255 lakh domestic tourist arrivals last year, Rajasthan is easily one of the most sought-after tourist destinations inIndia.


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