Raja Cycle and Motor Garage: 100 years of Splendor!

We would be remiss if we didn’t ­congratulate Raja Cycle & Motor Garage pvt. Ltd. on their 100-year ­anniversary and their contributions to the cycling industry.

The centenarian RAJA CYCLE & MOTOR GARAGE Pvt. Ltd. established in 1912 foundation was laid by Lt. Shri.Umrao Singh Brahmawar, a Lawyer by profession who migrated to Ajmer in late 1890’s. His family comprised of four sons named Lt. Shri Ambalal ji, Rajnarayan ji, Narain Signh ji and Madan Singh ji.

Ambalal ji, a path breaking entrepreneur, started the venture in the name of Raja Cycle where he imported bi-cycles fromUK. The name Raja Cycle was christened after his younger brother, Rajnarayan ji, who was fondly referred to as Raja ji. Ambala ji gradually expanded the business in 1920’s when he started importing cars fromUK,GermanyandUSA. Their company was the sole importers of cars in that era having branches at prominent places inIndia like-Indore, Kota, Jaipur, Jhalawar etc. Consumers for these cars were mainly the princely states whose children were studying at Mayo College School, Ajmer and under the marketing principles; he aptly located the store right outside Mayo College Premise!

Post independence, importing cars was banned and hence diversification of business took place. Today, they are conglomerates with palaver into Petroleum, Marble, Stone crusher, IT, Education and Property to name a few. You can analyse their popularity meter by the very fact that Raja Cycle has a “Raja Cycle Chouraha” in Ajmer named after its brand.

Happy 100th birthday Raja Cycle- you have given us happy paddling years 🙂


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