Dholpur- Home to Raj Niwas Palace

A fairly recent state which came about in 1805, Dholpur is known all over the country for its locally-quarried sandstone. This is a red stone which had been used extensively in palaces in the building of New Delhi.

Being closer to Agra, Dholpur witnessed many important battles.

Jhor, a village 16 kms. from Dholpur, was the site of the oldest Mughal garden in the sub-continent. The gardens were first established by Babar in 1527. It was discovered in the late 1970s. There are still signs of the intricate planning that went into these famed gardens.

Mach Kund, a lake surrounded by over a hundred temples, lies one km away and only comes to life once a year for a pilgrimage. Surrounding areas like Bari, Damoh waterfall near Sarmathura, Talab-e-Shahi lake and Kanpur Mahal, Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary and Ram Sagar Sanctuary offer interesting excursions.

One of India’s most amazing temples, Ekottaso Mahadeva Mandir in Dholpur, is built like a huge 200 foot wide chariot wheel with the main central shrine like the hub of a huge wheel that contains sixty-four smaller inward facing shrines on the surrounding circular courtyard.

What appear as insignificant villages now, have a fascinating history. The proximity to the Mughal capitals has left its mark in all these areas.The Mughal influence can be felt strongly here.

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