Bijolai Restaurant, Jodhpur

After a great success with two restaurants in Udaipur, 1559 AD has opened up another outstanding restaurant in the city of Jodhpur. The Bijolai Restaurant by 1559 A.D. lies conveniently close to the city, but far enough away for the surroundings to be quiet and the air clean. The Palace design is sure to amaze you, as it exhibits the meticulous planning of the old rulers and a bygone era.

Picture the Bijolai Lake, caressing the adjoining rocky hills, beautiful temples, canvassing the colours of the setting sun, fresh breeze, ambient music, and ambient light, flair and sensuality.

There are three areas where guests can be seated. The Terrace, The Indoor Dining and The Lakeside. All these three spaces are directly attached to water. You can enjoy your time here watching the magnificent geese in the lake and some wild animals on the surrounding rocks and boulders.

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The décor features a sunny travel feel, with chic cabanas and landscaped gardens. The Terrace is open everyday for dinners as well as lunches (winters only) and can also be booked for banquets. Bijolai’s interior attempts to reflect the encounter between the traditional and the contemporary. Consequently, the restaurant is characterized by simplicity with its crisp, clean and uncluttered lines that reflects the 1559 AD spirit and atmosphere.

The ambience at Bijolai presents a harmonious balance between the classic and the modern, between the known and the wild.

Bijolai Restaurant, Water Habitat Retreat

Air Force Radar Road, Near Kailana Lake, Jodhpur 342003 Raj INDIA





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