New Train for Jaisalmer – Howrah (Kolkata) Journeys

A new train Howrah Jsm Superfast Express – 12371 is started on March13, 2012 from Howrah (Kolkota) to Jaisalmer via Delhi and Bikaner. This train would run once in week (every monday) from Howrah at  8.20 a.m. and reach Jaisalmer at 11.30 p.m. on Tuesday, the next day.

Below is the Schedule for major Trains from and to Jaisalmer including the new Howrah Jaisalmer Express.

Trains Schedule

Delhi Jaisalmer Express- 14659
Delhi Jaipur Jodhpur Jaisalmer
Timings 1730 Hrs 2335 Hrs 0445 Hrs 1100 Hrs
Jaisalmer Delhi Express- 14660
Jaisalmer Jodhpur Jaipur Delhi
1715 Hrs 2240 Hrs 0450 Hrs 1110 Hrs
Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express- 14810
Jodhpur     Jaisalmer
2345 Hrs 0530 Hrs
Jaisalmer Jodhpur Express- 14809
Jaisalmer     Jodhpur
2330 Hrs 0515 Hrs
Jaisalmer Bikaner Express- 14701
Jaisalmer     Bikaner
2235 Hrs 0435 Hrs
Bikaner Jaisalmer Express 14702
Bikaner     Jaisalmer
2235 Hrs 0435 Hrs
Jaisalmer Lalgarh Express – 14703
Jaisalmer     Bikaner
1110 Hrs 1635 Hrs
Bikaner Jaisalmer Express – 14704
Bikaner     Jaisalmer
0720 Hrs 1300 Hrs
Jsm Howrah Superfast Express – 12372    New Train From 13/03/12
Jaisalmer Bikaner New Delhi Varanasi Howrah
0020 Hrs 0615 Hrs 1445 Hrs 0515 Hrs 1630 Hrs
Thursday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday
Howrah Jsm Superfast Express – 12371
Howrah Varanasi New Delhi Bikaner Jaisalmer
0820 Hrs 1915 Hrs 1015 Hrs 1835 Hrs 2320 Hrs
Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday




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