AC double-decker train to run for Jaipur and Delhi

The much awaited double-decker air-conditioned train between Jaipur and Delhi is all set to have its maiden run within a few days (a week).

The air-conditioned wagons for the train reached Jaipur on Wednesday evening and the authorities of north western railways (NWR) will give the green signal to its maiden run after the test run between Jaipur and Delhi Sarai Rohilla.

It will have 13 coaches with a seating capacity for 120 passengers in each coach. The lower floor of the train has a capacity of 70 passengers while the upper floor has a capacity of 50 passengers.

The Train would depart from Jaipur at 06.00 am and would reach Gurgaon at 09.38 am, Delhi Cant at 10.05 am and Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 10.30 am.

The fares are as follows –

(a) Jaipur to Gurgoan – Rs 327
(b) Jaipur to Delhi Cant – Rs 337
(c) Jaipur to Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Rs 347



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