Summer Festival Mount Abu

Known for breathtaking natural landscape and popularly called as the “Oasis of Rajasthan”, the little hill station of Rajasthan – Mount Abu is located near popular tourist attractions Nakki Lake, Dilwara temples and other Hindu and Jain temples.

During the month of May, a three day festival is hosted in Mount Abu, culminating in the Budh Purnima. This three day colorful festival is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism, Municipal Board, Mount Abu and District Administration. The steep rocks, tranquil lakes, picturesque locations and the pleasant climate of Mount Abu make it an ideal location for the festival. The three-day festival is a feast of folk and classical music and a window to the traditional life and culture of Rajasthan. The festival celebrates the warmth and cheerfulness of the people.The dates of the Summer Festival in 2012 are from May04 to 06, 2012.

The festival begins with singing of a Rajasthani folk ballad and a ceremonial procession, which starts from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar and gather at the Nakki Lake Chowk. Folk dances from the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat enthrall the spectators. The visitors are also encouraged to take part in popular folk dances such as Ghoomar and Daph. Sports events such as the boat race on the Nakki Lake add variety to the festival.

The second and third day of the festival is more interesting because of various competitions that take place the whole day. Skating Race, Skater’s Show, CRPF Band Show, Boat Race, Horse Race, Tug of War, Panihari Matka Race and Deepdan add to the excitements of the celebration.

The Sham-e-Qawwali (Evening of Poems) is a much-awaited musical extravaganza, as renowned qawwals (poet s cum musicians) from all over the country can be seen regaling the audience. The grand finale is celebrated with a display of dazzling fire works, bringing a thundering close to the annual festivities.

Lovers of music, art and culture should not give a miss to this festival.


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