The Most Exotic and Promising Hotels in Rajasthan

With the emergence of the concept of globalization, the entire world has turned into a small place where exchange of cultures and traditions are no more out of the reach of common people. The tourism and public finance enterprises in India is thus experiencing a rapid growth because of globalization. The sensual diversity, complex cosmology and eclectic beauty along with its economic growth and competent human resources make India a perfect destination both for the leisure tourists and corporate travelers. Over the years, a number of luxury hotels have been built to accommodate the diverse needs of the travelers.

The Luxury and Heritage hotels in Rajasthan have successfully made a name in heart of tourists with their peerless hospitality and unrivaled services. In no particular order, the following are the most preferred hotels in Rajasthan that are not only breathtaking, but stand as the mirror of the rich traditional heritage and growth of the state.

Alsisar Hotels

Rajasthan is the great land of majestic palaces, erstwhile royalty, and the finest tradition of true Rajput hospitality. Unexpected and charming, Alsisar group of Hotels is a self-contained, intimate chain of heritage hotels hidden deep in folds of the Royal state, Rajasthan. Alsisar Hotels parent four magnificent properties i.e. Alsisar Haveli-Jaipur, Alsisar Mahal- Shekhawati, Nahargarh and Nahar Haveli-Ranthambore.

The quintessential Alsisar Hotels are seeped in history and tradition, and yet offer their guests contemporary luxuries, the impeccable hospitality and courtesy that are signature style of the Alsisar group of hotels.

Arya Niwas Hotels

The Arya Niwas Hotels in Jaipur are the most amazing types of hotels that have won accolades for themselves by people. Each tourist visiting Jaipur in the present days is always looking for various comfortable and delighting hotels for a memorable stay in Jaipur and Arya Niwas Hotels are ones in that list. With two Boutique hotels and two Serviced apartments, their ambience, plush accommodation, lavish lounging, dining facilities, mouth watering dishes and services make them the perfect example setters of the blend of contemporary and traditional art in Rajasthan.

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

Devraj Niwas is more than 60 years old property which has been renovated while maintaining its original feel of Colonial style Architecture. Devraj Niwas provides uncompromising retreat to its guests visiting Jaipur. Our location offers an ideal experience of a modern ethos of eco-friendly travel. The well-furnished accommodation blends nature with contemporary design, providing unmatched comfort and adding to the calm ambiance with style. The tropical plants at Devraj Niwas create mini-courtyards giving peace and privacy to each room. The most important feature here is the Forresta- a multicuisine kitchen and bar with awesome ambiance. The Forresta Kitchen and Bar is the one of the most happening hangout with amazing events, activities and live performances in Jaipur.

The Fern Hotel, Jaipur

The Five Star Fern Hotel Jaipur is a major breakthrough when it comes to innovativeness and design in Jaipur. With the concept of staying green, the Fern Hotel Jaipur strives hard to be sensitive towards the environment and has taken up all possible measures to conserve Mother Nature. At the same time, most luxuries and contemporary facilities have been incorporated to make the hotel a hub of sumptuousness and extravagance. Customized and dedicated service is more than an add-on to the lavishness promised here.  The Fern Hotel, Jaipur is a hub of sumptuousness and extravagance. Customized and dedicated service is more than an add-on to the lavishness promised here. Food is also great and some excellent restaurants like Grunge lounge, The Gourmet and Conversation2 are found within it.

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bharatpur

The Laxmi Vilas Hotel offers fairly good amenities and services and making it a unique holiday destination for guests from all parts of the world. At Laxmi Vilas Palace, you relive the history of Bharatpur, feel the warm hospitality extended to you by their present generation living in palace. The Laxmi Vilas Palace lies in the beautiful location enhanced by the sumptuous lunch and dinner preparations. They have maintained the lively fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture as well as “Brij” culture. In and around the palace, a beautiful setting is captured to provide the guests with tranquility and peace of a home away from home.

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