Kanak Vrindavan Valley

Kanak Vrindavan valley is a picturesque spot located in the desert lands of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This beautiful valley is placed on the bed of Nahargarh hills in the vicinity of Amber Fort, at Jaipur – Amber road. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur, labeled it as Kanak VrindavanValley, some 280 years ago. The Maharaja was so possessed with this place that he consequently built a temple dedicated to Shri Govind Devji in the same complex.

According to the religious beliefs, waters from numerous rivers are intermingled here for carrying out the Ashwamedh Yagna which is why Kanak Vrindavan Valleyis also believed to be a sacred place in Jaipur. The temples in the valley are decorated with fine carving and look exquisite with exotic chhatris (cenotaphs), lattice and mirror work.

Kanak Vrindavan Valley lies between the Aravalli ranges and one can capture its beautiful view from all the three forts of Jaipur. The vast plantation of Dhok and Kadamba trees in a sequence within the valley adds to its beauty along with water cascades, brooks, blooming flowers and lotus ponds.

Divided into eight sections, the garden comprises a series of fountains. The picture of the garden is amazing and one cannot describe its beauty in words. Kanak Vrindavan valley is simply breathtaking and due to its inexplicable charm, it has made background to many Bollywood movies.

At night, when the temple is brightly lit, it offers a heavenly picture on the earth itself. The sounds of chants and hymns offered to the God complete the celestial picture of the place. If you are on a trip to Jaipur, do not miss this enchanting valley which is always in bloom.



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