New Cubs Sighted at Ranthambore National Park.


After two new tiger cubs were spotted in the month of April, the wildlife authorities in Ranthambore were elated after they found T-39 with a cub on Monday. With this, the number of cubs born in the last 10 months has gone up to 21.

The total number of tigers in the park has now gone up to 47 which include 26 adults (12 males and 14 females) and 21 cubs, according to the wildlife authorities at the Ranthambore National Park.

The wildlife authorities have also said that T-17 tigress in the park is also pregnant as judged by her behavioral changes. Usually, a tigress hides her cub for three months, so we will have to wait for three months for confirmation.

Some of the wildlife enthusiasts including state tourism and environment minister Bina Kak have shared pictures of T-39 with a cub and many tiger lovers have expressed happiness.

This might be a right time to visit the park and you could be the lucky one to get a glimpse of these little cubs and their frivolity :)


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