1000 RSRTC buses to be equipped with GPS

The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) has decided to equip its 1000 state transport buses with GPS devices. The installation process has begun from Tuesday. This system will not only enable the authorities to keep a track on the long-distance buses but will also facilitate them to curb diesel pilferage which has been a big concern since it was increasing with the RSRTC buses.

With installation of the GPS, travel with the long-distance buses of RSRTC would be more convenient thus system would be connected with the public information system (PIS).

As in railways, passengers waiting at the central bus stand, Jaipur, can now listen to the regular announcement of the exact time of arrival of the buses.

Advantages of GPS

–         Passengers can see the movement of the buses and their positions on the web portal of RSRTC

–         In case the driver is exceeding the permissible speed limit, it would be known to the control room of RSRTC. Defaulting drivers would be warned over phone to control the speed

–         In case of any accident the information would be noticed by the control room and thus officials can act promptly in such emergencies.


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