World’s Costliest Suite Hotel in Jaipur

Would you pay Rs 35 lakh for a hotel suite? At The Raj Palace in Jaipur, they believe you should. Wouldn’t you wish to check out the place to see if it’s value for money?

At Rs 2 lakh per night, not counting taxes, the Darbar Mahal suite in Jaipur is not the most expensive — yet. Next month, when the Maharaja’s Pavilion, four floors of it, becomes operational, at Rs 6.5 lakh it will be the most expensive set of rooms in India.

And when the Shahi Mahal, 150 years in the making, becomes functional two years from now, at Rs 35 lakh for a two-night occupancy it will be the most expensive accommodation on offer anywhere in the world. Clearly, The Raj Palace is no bed-and-breakfast operation. Especially since the tariff does not include the cost of breakfast.

On those prices? “The palace cannot be valued in terms of money. It is not even a commercial venture. Their bathroom amenities would cost Rs 11,000-12,000 per room, per night. If you gasp at the impossibility, they have a bath menu with a bath butler, who offers you a choice of fragrances and amenities. For the suites under restoration, they’re considering amenities from Bvlgari and Hermes.

No wonder The Raj Palace is chary of discounts.  No wonder luxury holidays at Rajvilas or Rambagh Palace seem better value for money.


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