Chanoud Garh -The three-hundred-year-old palace in Rajasthan

Welcome to the three-hundred-year-old palace of Chanoud Garh.

Built thirteen generations ago by Thakur Anoop Singh ji, it sprawls 2,00,000 sq. ft. deep into the grandeur of yore. Experience the rich and authentic Rajput hospitality with modern amenities yet so rather discreetly.

The delicate stone filigree Jharokhas, the rough marble pillared corridors, the Grand Durbar hall, the winding doorways that lead to courtyards and the will all whisper small snippets of history as you walk through them. The history lovers and enthusiasts can further see the beautiful family cenotaphs or walk by the banks of the tranquil Chanoud Lake. Drive out in the open fields or on the close by salt pans or spend your evenings meeting the village folks and hear their tales.

It offers 7 meticulously renovated spacious suites with modern amenities. No two rooms are alike. Each room is furnished aesthetically keeping in mind the feel and the sensibility of the area and local tradition.

Please comment below for further details.


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