Visit the incredible Gagron Fort in Rajasthan

The groundwork of this glorious, impregnable fort started in the 7th century and was completed in the fourteenth century. Gagron Fort is balanced on a low crest at the union of the rivers Kali Sindh and Ahu. Water of these rivers encircles the Gagron Fort on three sides. And there is a deep ditch on the fourth side of the fort. Gagron is one of the rare forts which is surrounded and protected by both van and jal (forest and water). The Mukundara hill ranges lie behind Gagron fort. There is a valley with the width of three miles nearby Gagron fort surrounded by a forest resonating with screams of the peacocks and parrots. A small temple inside the Gagron fort has the idols of Durga, Shiva and Ganesh are erected there. There is a Dargah (Mosque) outside the fort where an annual celebration takes place on the eve of Moharram, New Year as per Islam Calendar. Saint Bhagat Pipa Ji monastery is located close to Gagron Fort.

This year, the Gagnor Fort is also recommended for the status of World Heritage Site along with other Five Forts of Rajasthan.


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