Mystique and Exotic Rawla Jojawar Fort

Set amidst the Aravalli hills, this little garrison fort was once a major principality of the Royal house of Marwar. Bestowed with the title of Rao, the nobles looked after this little fiefdom for about two centuries after its construction in the 18th century.

Known by the name of Rawla Jojawar the fort is now converted into a splendid heritage hotel. The two young sons of the present Rao and Rani Sahiba Maharaj Singh ji, Nagendra and Amitvikram singh respectively, are looking after the hotel in the Rawla, recently restored into its old world splendor.

Thirty five breathtaking rooms, none being alike, each has its own character and beauty, with it a décor to match. They were lovingly renovated out of the existing sprawling Rawla keeping the ancient traditions of Vastu, or architectural principles in mind, it is said that no new buildings were needed. All rooms have air conditioning and are connected to equally pretty bathrooms with all the modern amenities.

A beautiful pool is located by the side of Zanana Mahal – once ladies only preserve, which is deal for a relaxing swim and taking in the warm Rajasthan sun. The deck is sometimes a venue for tantalizing dinners.

The cuisine served to the visitor is designed by Vaidehi – daughter in law to Rao sahib, she assisted by the expert chefs of Rajasthani cuisine prefers to blend the cuisine with western dishes for the benefit of travelers from different cultures. But the serious connoisseur is encouraged to experiment with Rajasthani cooking in the family kitchen.

Life here is unhurried, and filled with sunshine, conversation and picnics, village walks transform into safaris, or treks into the nearby forests. Suspicious and tempting meals are served under the brightly lit canopy of stars, accompanied by music and dance, and talks of old ways and days take you back in time.

Address:-  Rawla Jojawar, Village Jojawar, Distt. Pali, Rajasthan-India


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