Jaigarh Fort…. A Monsoon Retreat in Jaipur

What comes to your mind when you look outside your window in  monsoon?  Is it to go out and have fun? Many of us want to enjoy monsoon but questions like where do we go? Where can we enjoy the beauty of nature comes to the mind.  Do you really need to worry when Rajasthan Tourism Buzz is here ??

Let us share with you one of the most delighting, refreshing, adventurous and fun filled destinations in Jaipur to hang out this monsoon!!

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is one such spectacular fort on  a hill named Cheel ka Teela- which translates into the Hill of Eagles. It is around 400 ft above Amer Fort. It truly is a magnificent fort offering  great views and delights during Monsoon .

Named after Jai Singh II, the Jaigarh fort is perched on a cliff surrounded by huge battlements with inside walkways. It is one of the few military structures of medieval India preserved almost intact, containing palaces, a granary, a well-planned cannon foundry, several temples, a tall tower and a giant mounted cannon-the Jain Ban (Jaivan) the largest cannon in the world.

Jaigarh Fort also known as the fort of victory, is a rugged structure built in 1726 by Sawai Jai Singh. Situated in the north of Jaipur, this fort is structurally similar to the Amber Fort. The fort stands above the Amber Palace and was never captured and hence is practically intact. The armoury has a large collection of swords and other weapons. There is a watchtower at an elevated part of the fort, offering a panoramic and imposing view of Amber and the neighboring area. The central courtyard has three enormous underground water tanks, one used by prisoners for bathing, one that was said to hold the gold and jewels and one, which was empty. There are also gardens, a granary, the 10th century temple of Ram Harihar and the 12th century temple of Kal Bhairav.

During your stroll through the fort you’d realize the intelligence of the king and how tactfully the architecture has been constructed. He took care of smallest of the things for his wives’ comfort and for the employees!!

Definitely, Jaigarh is a must visit place in Monsoon with its fabulously refreshing views of Jaipur city and Amber Fort amid the Aravali hills blanketed with greens and more greens . You would also happen to see hordes of monkeys/langurs outside the fort and some good close up shots of really healthy parrots would be an extra delight. Also do not miss the hot bhutta (corn) stalls around !!


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