Gajner Palace Bikaner

Lying in the north of the desert State, the city is dotted with scores of sand dunes. Bikaner retains the medieval grandeur that permeates the city’s lifestyle….  And, the Gajner Palace in Bikaner could perhaps be your favorite destination after experiencing the havelis in Shekhawati.

Interestingly, as soon you’ll enter the palace premises, you’d find yourself in for a distinct royal affair :-)

Currently managed by HRH Group, Gajner Palace was built by H.H. Maharaja Sir Ganga Singhji, the dynamic ruler of Bikaner. The architecture is a unique blend of traditional Rajput sandstone carvings on the exterior and the interiors styled in a typical late 19th century European country houses. In the early decades of the twentieth century it was a sprawling summer palace of Sir Ganga Singhji. British viceroys, political agents and military commanders were his special guests at Gajner Palace where ‘jolly good time’ was had by all.

Built on the shores of Gajner Lake, the red sandstone architecture of the palace contrasts sharply with the blue sky above and the abundant greenery of the palace. Its historic suites are decently appointed with four-poster beds, period furniture and mirrors. The fireplace evokes a cozy feel of the English manor and the real parrots sitting on the huge pot is special attraction all together.

If you are into the mood to explore the nearby surroundings then nature walks, camel and jeep safaris are there to take you deep into the 6000-acre wildlife sanctuary.

As per our findings, Gajner Palace has a novel way of making visitors feel welcome!!!


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