Elefantastic !! The real adventure with Elephants in Rajasthan

Looking for a real elephant – adventure in Rajasthan? Apart from the best tours, rides and safaris in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the amazing place called “Elefantastic” also offers you an opportunity to really experience and witness the lifestyle of an elephant.

Elefantastic is an initiative begun in 2012 to understand and promote the well being of the few surviving giants of the planet. They promote Eco-tourist values and look out for the ones who would want to put their hand forward for the trunk.

In their elephant programme you can get closer to these magnificent creatures and become their friends….. Wash the elephants, feed and water them. Have a painting-class and learn about elephant-decorations. Learn about elephant medicines and treatments. Ride them to the lake for a swim and a scrub. Watch the elephants fall asleep at night and wake up with them in the early morning hours.

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Elefantastic is one such entertaining tourist programme in Rajasthan that would give you a completely different and adventurous experience with elephants, way beyond just riding.

If you wish to visit us and want to enjoy time with the elephants please contact Elefantastic directly through their email or over the phone.

Email: info@elefantastic.in, rahul.elefantastic@gmail.com Ph: +91 8094253150 Address: 90 Chandra Mahal Colony, Delhi Road, Amber- Jaipur India


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