Para Motoring Air Safari in Jaipur

If you always dream of flying in the bare sky but never could, here is your chance to realize your dreams!!!

This Sunday, Bolt-on an exhilarating para motoring ride over the Pink City!!! Sail within a breath of lofty hilltop and lush gardens of Jaipur in an adventurous event organized by The City Club and PATHFYNDER!!

For the first time of its kind, the City Club Jaipur in association with Fly Boy Aviation Company and Pathfynder Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  brings you a truly unique, unforgettable and adventurous journey on Para-motor trikes for a thrilling panoramic view of lush Pink City!

To experience the everlasting experience of free flying, be a member of The City Club, Jaipur. And keep yourself engaged with a diversified range of enjoyable and interactive activities offered by the club time to time.

As of now- Get ready to experience the thrill of flying in the sky and fuel adrenaline-rush, the event boasts of one day of unmatched adventure i.e. 07.00a.m. on Sunday, the September16, 2012 at Flyboy Aeropark, Jaipur-Delhi Highway NH-8, Near Jaipur Dental college, Jaipur Rajasthan.!!!

For more details please visit



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