Blue Lotus: the Musical Event in Pushkar

After Rajasthan, the new Jaisalmer music festival in November, another one is ready for its debut next year. This one, called the Blue Lotus, will take place in Pushkar, February13 onwards. And according to the organizers; the six day festival will have some 300 musicians from all over India.

It is an authentic music festival, not restricted to folk alone, that also has semi-classical and Sufi. As per the event insiders, the musicians are practicing flourishing as well as vanishing genres of the Indian musical tradition- qawwali, bhajan, kafi, bheth, waai, shram geet, deru, jangda, luddi and many more.

As per current plans, there will be a total of 40 concerts that will be held on Pushkar Streets, the nearby sand dunes and some temples, all open to the public. While some of the 40 ate ticketed and scheduled to be held at a new Resort in Pushkar

And music is not all!! You can also look forward to activities like music and film workshops, besides yoga and AOL sessions at the main venue.

This event is focused on presenting the richness of genres and styles of best of Indian Sufi, folk, traditional, gypsy, tribal, devotional, spiritual and indigenous music. Hold True, it may actually launch the temple town’s entry on the musical map of the country!!!


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