Bikana Heritage Rail Museum opened for public viewing

The old museum of Heritage Rails in Bikaner has now been open for the Public. The museum called “Bikana Heritage Rail Museum” displays equipment, items and documents pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the railways.

This museum was set up to educate the common man as to how and what equipment and items were in use in railway department since last 200 years.

Currently, around 350 items have been displayed in the museum relating to Bikaner and Jodhpur State Railway era, and some of these items were imported from England, US and other countries during State era. An example of the development process of the railways can be understood from a painting entitled “Janana Station Bikaner” which depicts Bikaner railway station as ladies station in the year 1920.

One more important item on display is a ‘Crane’ made in England in the year 1889 which was used for supply of coal in the engine. Similarly a Crew-Rest Van made in the year 1940 has been displayed.  Besides, other items like hand-pumps, water lifting pump, drill machine, ground-light fittings, weighing machine, telecommunication equipment  tool box and hand-held signaling equipments have also been displayed in the museum.

Don’t miss to visit the incredible heritage Rail Museum on your next trip to Bikaner .


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