Celebrate Winters in Rajasthan…

Planning to head to the beach like every year? Well, this year, we urge you to try something different. Head west to the colourful cities of Jaipur and Shekhawati! One is being hailed as the most vivacious city on the face of the planet and the other, famous as the story book town in desert state of Rajasthan along with other romantic cities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Rajasthan is a one stop location to enjoy chilly vacation. Winter season in Rajasthan is the correct time to get ready for those steamy pecks to be with your family for a wonderful vacation. Hail Rajasthan!! The chilling winter can make your vacations unforgettable.

Rajasthan is a very renowned place to spend Winter Vacation in India for both international and domestic tourists. If you have plans to visit Rajasthan in these winters then your choice is awesome. Rajasthan is a colorful city. It is known for its culture and traditions. If you travel from one place of Rajasthan to another you can easily feel the difference in culture and traditions. This is the reason tourists are attracted towards Rajasthan. People all around the world visit here to know about its ancient glory and unremarkable history. Besides, Rajasthan is famous for its spicy and delicious food. The shivering winter will be a great time to enjoy the royal cuisines and the local cultural festivals.

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Rajasthan has glorious past and if you want to experience the royal hospitality then heritage hotels in Rajasthan are the best choice for you. A trip to Rajasthan with the host like Rajasthan For you  in no way, only a ‘getting acquainted’ vacation; you’ll see it when we will introduce you to the splendid architecture of royal Rajasthan and get you up, close and personal with its culture, art, cuisine and lifestyles. Interested? Pack your bags and get ready for a rendezvous with royalty you aren’t going to forget, ever. We still have it perfectly etched in our memories. ….


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