Celebrate New Year with Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur

Following the grand Christmas celebration few days ago, the Raj Niwas Palace Dholpur yet again presents you a relishing splendor and incandescence to welcome the New Year 2013. The best place to live up the beauty of heritage with the shimmers of magnificence and modernity. A quality service is what the Hotel keeps priority for, keeping in mind, soothing rates to your pockets.


The New Year party includes gala dinner, beverages, DJ night and live performances. You can also have a look over the pictures and customer reviews @ https://www.facebook.com/rajniwas

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Bookings for the New Year Eve have already started, if you plan to bring back some lovely memorable moments from the Palace, you are cordially invited for a visit.

Kindly contact Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur at 011 2688 2804



New trends in Jaipur Tourism Itinerary

Pink City Jaipur is one vertex of golden triangle of Indian tourism. Approximately 70 percent foreign tourists visit Jaipur out of total foreign tourists travel India in a year. It is interesting to find that what the tourists like most during their Jaipur travel. Do they like heritage or arts and crafts or the jewellery or something else?

There are interesting answers and feedbacks of foreign tourists which emphasize to change the itineraries of travel agencies and tourism companies while they plan the package of Jaipur trip for the tourists. Here are certain itineraries which should also be included in Jaipur tour along with sightseeing of Jaipur forts and monuments.

Street Walk

Tourists love to walk in the streets of the old four wall city in early morning when the traffic is not on peak. “I got an opportunity to walk in the streets of Jaipur in early morning around 07:00 am during my Jaipur travel. I was wondered to see the actual heritage and architecture of Jaipur spread all around the city in each and every street. There are many old buildings, temples and ruins which are awesome. It was equally amazing for me as to experience the heritage of forts and monuments of Jaipur which was tightly scheduled by our travel agency”, Maricela Mari Hernandez fromTexassaid.

Jaipur Temples



Jaipur Temples also attract tourists. After all, Jaipur is also known as Choti Kashi because there are approximately 3500 temples in Jaipur according to the chief priest of Mandir Ghat ke Balaji, Jaipur. “I never saw these many temples together in one city in my whole life. I am surprised to see that you can find a temple at every little distance in Jaipur. What’s even more amazing to me is many of the temples are more than hundred years old. Its fascinate me that the many temples have been built in the middle of the road”, Giuseppe Malfattore fromItalysaid.

Culture and Lifestyle of Jaipur

Culture and lifestyle of Jaipur is the next itinerary which attracts foreign tourists a lot. “I am highly impressed to see that the people of Jaipur are very caring for their family, especially for the old age parents and grand parents. Though, Jaipurites are adopting western lifestyle rapidly but few of the traditions still alive in the lifestyle of Jaipurites which enthralls me. Touching the feet of every elderly person and very helping for guests touched my heart deeply. When you move on the road, though many times people gaze you as perhaps they gaze creatures of different species in a Zoo, but if you want any help, they immediately become ready to talk to you and help you upto the extremes”, said Liceria Avilo came to visit Jaipur from Switzerland.

Fairs and Festivals of Jaipur

Fairs and Festivals in Jaipur

Fairs and Festivals in Jaipur

Many tourists gave their maximum votes to the fairs and festivals of Jaipur. Long processions, Shobha Yatra and grand celebration of each festival in Jaipur fascinate the tourists.

You can find the details of upcoming Jaipur events, photos, and details of past events at https://rajasthanforyou.wordpress.com

Winter Tourism in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Jaipur! Even the name itself is enough to fill your senses with delight. Extolled for its wonderful palaces, historical significance and wealthy culture, this royal and lively city of Rajasthan is nothing short of a paradise for tourists.

Essentially, Jaipur is a hot place dominated by three main seasons. The summer season persists from Mid-March till June, Monsoons continues from July to September and Winters from October to March. During summers, the temperature rises to 45°C with the minimum of 25.8°C. With such high temperature, it is not preferable to visit the place during summers.

Being located in a desert area, the climate of Jaipur is dry and hot in summers. Monsoons are sometimes preferred by the travelers who wish to see the green Jaipur.Winter season is the best time to visit Jaipur. The spectacular deserts of Rajasthan nearby Jaipur reverberates folklore of Rajputana valor and audacious nature of the princes; it has rarely seen the rain, but during winter its sand dunes exude sweet smell of its diligent inhabitants’ sweat.  The temperature touches maximum to 22°C and gets down to the extent of 5°C.

winter fest 3 bhavai birla bundi2 chakri2 ghewar11 Jaipur - Jaigarh Fort rajasthani-food-05 w3

In winters, one can enjoy the regal city of Jaipur to its full. The spectacular views offered by the ancient monuments of the city fascinate the visitors. The city looks awesome in the winter evenings when it gets covered with fog. Jaipur offers rich food with lots of butter and ghee, which is best enjoyable in the winter season. To put succinctly, the best time to visit the incredible Jaipur is between the months of October to March.

To explore the city during this or upcoming winters, just plan your vacations to Jaipur and rediscover the Royal city.

7th Women Car Rally


Women Car Rally is meant for those Ladies who dare to take part in Rallies but so far not able to do it by some reasons. This is based on TSD format Viz Time, Speed and Distance. Rally is more towards adhering road rules and regulation and than winning it.

Started with 28 brave ladies in 2007, The Women Car Rally has set up Indian Record of India’s Longest Women Car rally that year itself. Since then this event is growing by leaps and bounds – In fact now the event get participants from Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Chennai. Last year in 2011 there were 96 participants.

It remains most of the time on main roads with 5% off roader. However lots of interesting formats are added subsequently e.g. reverse driving (breaking another myth that ladies cannot back the vehicle).

Rally takes the participants to Rural India – they interact with Local artisans like potters, blacksmiths to have real interaction and some fun on the run.

Date – 19th Jan 2013
Route – Gurgaon to Jaipur
Total Distance – 275 kms
Rally Format is TSD – Time, Speed and Distance with strict following of Traffic Rules and Speed limit.

Mewar Sound and Light Show in Udaipur

mewar Sound and Light show

A glimpse into the royal past of Udaipur through a sound and light show is attracting tourists to Rajasthan’s famed city of lakes.

The one-hour Son et Lumiere (sound and light show) titled “Legacy of Honour” presents glimpses of 1,500 years of history of the Mewars of the state. The privately initiated project was started in last season by the Udaipur royalty to attract tourists to the city.

The narrative traces 15 centuries of history that includes the foundation of Mewar by Bappa Rawal, the ‘Johar’ (self-immolation to protect honour) of Chittor’s Rani Padmini, the story of Mughal emperor Humayun and Rani Karmavati, the story of Pannadhai who sacrificed her own son for the safety of Prince Udai Singh and the battle of Haldi Ghati.

The show ends on a contemporary note, recounting the vision of Maharana Bhagwat Singh who turned the palace into a heritage hotel more than 40 years ago and who instituted the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) Trust to both conserve Mewar’s rich heritage and develop the region.

Around 600,000 tourists, both domestic as well as foreign, visit the city every year and we feel that this show would certainly help to boost tourism in the city.

L M Wong, a tourist from US said, “It is indeed a wonderful experience. I won’t mind sitting the whole night long if history is presented in such a fascinating manner.”


 Show in Hindi: 8 pm to 9 pm (May to September)
 Show in English: 7 pm to 8 pm (October to September), 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm (April)

Duration: 60 Minutes


Winter Festival in Mount Abu

It is the call of the mountains’ again with the annual Mount Abu winter festival slated to be held from December 29 to 31, 2012.

To make the celebratory occasion truly vibrant in its truest sense, colours of mehndi’ and rangolis’ will mingle with the festive strains of shehnai’ and the Army band’, while the masters of chisel and the brush will create yet another repository of masterpieces. Visitors can look forward to gilli danda’ with 20X20 cricket’, kite flying’ with hot air balloon’, and sufi kathak’ with break dance’, poetry reading’ with visual art’!

winter fest 3

The inaugural procession, participated by the colorfully dressed citizens, will begin with marches by various performing groups from all over the country. Soon after the signing off of the march at Love Lake Nakki’, there will be a scurry of activities with various competitions, games events throughout the day to culminate every day at Aravali manch’, where on the night of December 31 there will be a rocking mega night from 8pm to midnight.  Along with these cultural activities water sports also form part of the festivities. Rowing competitions are held on the lake. The grand finale of the festival is made brighter by a display of dazzling fireworks on three days.

winter fest2

The festival offers the visitors an insight into the diversity and sumptuousness of Rajasthan’s tradition, art and culture.

A bonanza of fun, frolic and festivity, is what sums up the Mount Abu winter fest.

Surilo Rajasthan – The Music Concert

Surilo Rajasthan

Now this is especially for those who relish the musical notes with the beats of dance, The Pink City- Jaipur brings you “Surilo Rajasthan”, the musical evening on December23, 2012 at the B.M Birla Auditorium.

The musical evening will have the touch of Rajasthani, Pop, Sufism, Band etc. It is bringing the pool of talent with the likes of Ravindra Upadhyaya, Rajas Hasan, Sandeep Acharya, Kawa Brass Band, Kohinoor Langa Group, Seema Mishra with more world renowned artists who will come together and celebrate Rajasthan’s musical heritage, create music through innovative collaborations accompanied with an interesting fusion of international and local folk music and exciting performances.

Surilo Rajasthan is no less than any classy ones. So don’t think of giving them a miss on December 23, 2012 05.00pm to 08.00pm at B.M.Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Bhagwandas Road, Jaipur- Rajasthan!

The Entry to the event is strictly through passes.

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