Jodhpur Polo Season starts from Today !!!

The XIII Jodhpur Polo Season starts from today i.e. Monday, 3 December 2012!! 

Horse Polo

Polo ! The very name conjures vision of aristocracy and excellence, of style and rare athletic prowess. Polo is a game that signifies power, adventure, beauty, elegance, graceful team work, class and above all – Tradition. Among the world’s most ancient sports, Polo is not less than a religion in Rajasthan. For a game, that is as “Exclusive as Elusive” Jaipur is a natural home of polo, in Rajasthan, butJodhpur still leads the way and is considered to be a perfect destination for Polo.

Mark the following dates and join in the festivities in Jodhpur!

– Standard Chartered Jodhpur Polo Cup – 3 to 6 Dec.
– Umaid Bhawan Palace Cup – 7 to 10 Dec.
– Airtel H.H. Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup – 11 to 17 Dec.
– Mount Shivalik Rajputana & Central India Cup – 19 to 24 Dec.
– Royal Salute Maharaja of Jodhpur Golden Jubilee Cup – 25 to 30 Dec.

One Day Exhibitions:
– Beginners Cup – 6 Dec.
– Bhanwar Baijilal Polo Cup – 10 Dec.
– Eton Vs. Mayo College – 15 Dec.
– British Polo Cup – 16 Dec.
– Maj. Th. Sardar Singh Jasol Memorial Cup – 21 Dec.
– Army Commander’s Cup – 23 Dec.
– The Abu Seir Cup – 30 Dec.
– The Hermes Cup – 31 Dec.



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