Hey Barber, Make Me Beautiful

Rajasthan Tourism

Shahrukh is ready to mesmerize with a stylish hair-do, while Salman with his rippling muscles is getting geared up with clothes and accessories. No, he isn’t taking his shirt off. Rather, both these ‘studs’ are being dressed at a camel parlour in Jaisalmer for the Desert Festival that starts on February 23, 2013.

Since camels are the most special and sought after attractions at the Desert Festival for everyone, you would find many veteran barbers particularly at the beautification of these four-legged creatures. They are endearingly called the beauticians and have been practicing the art of catering to the ship of the desert since their forefathers.

The camel population in Rajasthan is approximately three lakh, of which some 50,000 are used in the tourism industry. These salons are popular among camel owners who wish to participate in various competitions during Festival.

desert Festival Camel

desert Festival Camel

The salon comprises of a fancy and colourful cart in the golden sand with a few iron boxes, which contain scissors of different shapes and razors. It takes three hours to decorate Shahrukh and Salman with colourful tassels, beads and mirrors. Even the tail is a sight to see. By the end of it, both look as beautiful and bashful as brides. The process of beautification would be an exciting and delightful sight for the tourists attending Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

desert Festival Camel

Decorating the camels is a very special art!! Earlier, camel raisers/owners would themselves be barbers. People would gather the camels in one place and collectively cut their hair. But now, this work is being done at special salons in style.

Another art form used on these animals is tattoos. Many camel owners have their animals take part in festivals and compete during races and polo matches. Having a decked-up camel can help them win prizes and they are ready to go that extra mile.    Wonder what the camels would say ;)

desert Festival Camel

But you don’t miss to witness the infatuating ramp and play of these flaunting beauties during Jaisalmer Desert Festival, starting from February 23 to 25, 2013!!


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