Maharana Mewar Foundation Annual Awards


The Maharana Mewar 32nd Annual Awards 2013 are going to be held in Udaipur on March 03, 2013, that  constitute a major part of the activities of the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF, Udaipur). All the honoring of awards will be done by Maharaja Arvind Singh Mewar.

From a modest beginning of awards only for scholars in Udaipur, the range of this Scheme of Awards has steadily grown to become an event in the domestic and international arena. Today, the Awards honor the recognition of service of permanent value already rendered to society in which, eminent scholars, students and common citizens who, through their chosen field of study and activity, have been of benefit to society.

This is a humble effort to preserve the age old traditions and obligations of the House of Mewar to serve society and assist man who realizes his special status in the hierarchy of God’s creations and to serve as a temple of inspiration to future generations to preserve and protect the spirit of self-respect and self-reliance.

Annually, over 135 (the figure continually varies) people receive these Awards, and subsequently, their labor benefits from the proceeds of these awards.

There are in all 15 awards, which are wide reaching in scope, and particular in design.

S. No. Title of the Award


Year of Establishment

1. Colonel James Tod Award International Award


2. Haldi Ghati Award National (India Award)


3. Hakim Khan Sur Award National (India Award)


4. Maharana Udai Singh Award National (India Award)


5. Panna Dhai Award National (India Award)


6. Maharana Mewar Award State (Rajasthan Award)


7. Harit Rashi Award State (Rajasthan Award)


8. Maharana Kumbha Award State (Rajasthan Award)


9. Dagar Gharana Award State (Rajasthan Award)


10. Maharana Sajjan Singh Award State (Rajasthan Award)


11. Rana Punja Award State (Rajasthan Award)


12. Aravali Award State (Rajasthan Award)


13. Bhamashah Award State (Rajasthan Award)


14. Maharana Raj Singh Award City of Udaipur Award


15. Maharana Fateh Singh Award City of Udaipur Award


You can also be a part of this honorary evening and applaud for the heroes and scholars who inspire many groups and individuals to serve the society.



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