Sheetala Ashtami Celebration Today!

The tangy flavor of fairs and festivals in Rajasthan has its own charm. These fairs and festivals prove to be the best opportunity for the guests to peep into and understand the cultural and traditional aspects of the land of royal figures more closely.

One of the small and grand festivals is the Sheetala Ashtami festival, which is celebrated in Rajasthan. Sheetla Ashtami is celebrated during the spring season in the month of March or the beginning of April, right after seven days of Holi.

It is a very important Hindu festival in Rajasthan. It is commonly knows as Basoda बसोडा or like many people may call it Shitala Ashtami शीतला अष्टमी.The Sheetala Mata fair is held at a small hamlet in Chaksu, Jaipur, Kaga and Jodhpur with great passion and zeal.

Sheetla mata is worshipped on this day. Cold and stale food is offered to Sheetla Devi after the puja. This food is known as Basauda. The same food is consumed by the devotees and distributed among everyone.

It is a common belief among all the people that worshiping Sheetla mata on Sheetla Ashtmi would prevent them from the deadly outbreak of diseases.

Wish everyone a very Happy Shitla Ashtami !


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