Appease your thrill with an adventurous experience of Chambal Safari!

True destinations excite us, awaken our senses and spark our imaginations. RIGHT?
Dholpur in the state of Rajasthan  is one such place with abundant outdoor recreation offering unparalleled natural beauty.

Activities at Dholpur: Explore the National Chambal Sanctuary, a safari that takes you on a four-hour ride down the River Chambal, drifting past gharials basking on the sandbanks, marsh crocodiles and turtles sunning themselves on the rocks.

Chambal Safari Dholpur

Chambal Safari Dholpur

Enjoying a boat safari at Chambal River, near Dholpur is any nature lover’s dream.
The boat ride on the calm waters of Chambal river near Dholpur combined with the dramatic landscape and close-up views of the amazing abundance of wildlife is a treat to the eyes. The 26 Km. safaris take you inside the sanctuary and give you a chance to view crocodiles, Garials, and many species of turtles.

Boat Ride at Chambal River , Dholpur

Boat Ride at Chambal River , Dholpur

The valley is even a virtual paradise for the bird’s lovers, where over 150 avian species can be seen. Titillate your senses and satiate your thrill with an adventurous experience at Chambal Safari, Dholpur.

Start your day by foraying into the wild and as the sun comes to rest, retire to the soothing confines of private cottage of RajNiwas Palace, Dholpur as it is the only place for those looking for total peace and relaxation.


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