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Amber Fort jaipur

When we talk about Jaipur then it is not possible that we could ignore the Amer fort. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful fort and the pride of Jaipur!!  Amber fort, also known as Amber Palace boasts of an artistic grandeur and structural expertise. It is a reminiscent of the bravery and courage of the mighty Rajputs, who had played a remarkable role in the history of medieval India.
Amber Fort 1
Crowning the crest of a hill, Amber Fort offers a panoramic view of Maota Lake and the historic old town at the base of the hill, which was the early seat of the Amber kings before they made the fort their capital.

The main entrance to the historic Amber Fort is through the imposing Suraj Pol, so called because it faces the direction of the rising sun, the Kachhawaha family emblem. The gate leads into a huge courtyard, Jaleb Chowk, lined on three sides with souvenir and refreshment shops. A flight of steps leads to the Shila Devi Temple, which has silver doors; silver oil lamps, grand pillars carved to look like banana trees, and contain the Kachhawaha family deity, a stone image of the goddess Kali. The next courtyard is the Diwan-i-Aam, the space for public audience. Near it is the Sattais Katcheri, a colonnade of 27 pillars, where scribes once sat to record revenue petitions.

Amber Fort 2

The magnificent Ganesh Pol is the gateway to three pleasure palaces, each with special features, built around a Mughal-style garden, Aram Bagh. Maota Lake, which provided water to the fort, is surrounded by two exquisite gardens. The Kesar Kyari Bagh has start-shaped flower beds once planted with saffron, flowers, while Dilaram Bagh, built in 1568 as a resting place for Akbar on his way to Ajmer, is a clever pun on the name of its architect, Dilaram. A small archeological Museum is located nearby. The farthest and oldest end of the fort was converted into the zenana, with screens and covered balconies for the seclusion of the royal ladies in purdah. Faint traces of frescoes are still visible on the walls. In the centre of the courtyard is a pavilion with 12 pillars, the Baradari.

Amber Fort 3

This rambling Palace depicts the true lifestyle of the gutsy Rajputs who are better known for their radical, audacious, volatile and decadent behavior. One among the best hill top palaces, amber palace presents a curious blend of Muslim and Hindu architectural design. An aide memoir of the yesteryears, this palace is a redolent of creativeness of the artisans of ancient time.

Recently, two major developments have taken place at Amber fort. A very old tunnel to connect Amber Fort and adjoining Jaigarh Fort is now opened for public along with the electric cab facility for the tourists. Besides, Elephant rides to fort have always been a favorite among the visitors.

Amber Mahal overlooking Maotha

Certainly, Amber Fort, is one of the few places in India  with never ending, consisting of a maze of rooms, tiny and grand!!  Spectacularly set within surrounding rugged hills and dotted with majestic architecture, Amber Mahal is one of the best places to visit on your trip to Jaipur.


Maharana Mewar Foundation Annual Awards


The Maharana Mewar 32nd Annual Awards 2013 are going to be held in Udaipur on March 03, 2013, that  constitute a major part of the activities of the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF, Udaipur). All the honoring of awards will be done by Maharaja Arvind Singh Mewar.

From a modest beginning of awards only for scholars in Udaipur, the range of this Scheme of Awards has steadily grown to become an event in the domestic and international arena. Today, the Awards honor the recognition of service of permanent value already rendered to society in which, eminent scholars, students and common citizens who, through their chosen field of study and activity, have been of benefit to society.

This is a humble effort to preserve the age old traditions and obligations of the House of Mewar to serve society and assist man who realizes his special status in the hierarchy of God’s creations and to serve as a temple of inspiration to future generations to preserve and protect the spirit of self-respect and self-reliance.

Annually, over 135 (the figure continually varies) people receive these Awards, and subsequently, their labor benefits from the proceeds of these awards.

There are in all 15 awards, which are wide reaching in scope, and particular in design.

S. No. Title of the Award


Year of Establishment

1. Colonel James Tod Award International Award


2. Haldi Ghati Award National (India Award)


3. Hakim Khan Sur Award National (India Award)


4. Maharana Udai Singh Award National (India Award)


5. Panna Dhai Award National (India Award)


6. Maharana Mewar Award State (Rajasthan Award)


7. Harit Rashi Award State (Rajasthan Award)


8. Maharana Kumbha Award State (Rajasthan Award)


9. Dagar Gharana Award State (Rajasthan Award)


10. Maharana Sajjan Singh Award State (Rajasthan Award)


11. Rana Punja Award State (Rajasthan Award)


12. Aravali Award State (Rajasthan Award)


13. Bhamashah Award State (Rajasthan Award)


14. Maharana Raj Singh Award City of Udaipur Award


15. Maharana Fateh Singh Award City of Udaipur Award


You can also be a part of this honorary evening and applaud for the heroes and scholars who inspire many groups and individuals to serve the society.


Boat Ride

The pristine Chambal River cuts through mazes of ravines and hills and leaves many sandy beaches throughout the 425 km long sanctuary.
The Chambal Safari is an attempt to acquaint visitors with a land that has retained its unique landscapes, rugged charm and rare wildlife.


Raj Niwas Palace , Dholpur is an ideal base for exploring the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding areas, with excursions designed to appeal to everyone, from the serious birder to the wildlife enthusiasts. Set in 13 acres of garden, the palace grounds are full of peacock and birdlife that nip over from the National Chambal Sanctuary nearby.

National Cambal Wildlife Sanctuary is a 400 Km stretch of protected river for critically endangered Gharials & river dolphins. This vast area of sanctuary can be best explored on boats, providing spectacular opportunities to view the wildlife. A boat excursion to National Chambal Sanctuary offers many good viewpoints for photography of Gharials, shore birds and landscapes. The river safari is a unique experience, unlike anything on the Indian wildlife circuit. The boat ride on the calm waters of the Chambal, combined with the dramatic landscape and close-up views of the amazing abundance of wildlife are the highlights of the river safari.


A boat excursion will also offer many good viewpoints for photography of water and shore birds and unique landscapes. Walking trails in the ravines and along the river offer opportunities for close observation of the wide variety of plants and animals in the Sanctuary.


The boatman, are particularly skilled at cutting the boats engines, and manoeuvring as close to the birds and animals as possible, without disturbing them. Trained naturalists accompany visitors and provide expert information on the varied flora and fauna of the Chambal. A safari takes you on a four hour ride down the River Chambal, drifting past Gharials basking on the sandbanks, marsh crocodiles and turtles sunning themselves on the rocks  , while the dolphins, usually in pairs, splash in and out of the river as they come up for air.

The boatman and naturalists are all local residents that have been trained and given livelihood options that have them appreciate the National Chambal Sanctuary and provide the means of sustainable and mutually beneficial coexistence with the wildlife.

Hey Barber, Make Me Beautiful

Rajasthan Tourism

Shahrukh is ready to mesmerize with a stylish hair-do, while Salman with his rippling muscles is getting geared up with clothes and accessories. No, he isn’t taking his shirt off. Rather, both these ‘studs’ are being dressed at a camel parlour in Jaisalmer for the Desert Festival that starts on February 23, 2013.

Since camels are the most special and sought after attractions at the Desert Festival for everyone, you would find many veteran barbers particularly at the beautification of these four-legged creatures. They are endearingly called the beauticians and have been practicing the art of catering to the ship of the desert since their forefathers.

The camel population in Rajasthan is approximately three lakh, of which some 50,000 are used in the tourism industry. These salons are popular among camel owners who wish to participate in various competitions during Festival.

desert Festival Camel

desert Festival Camel

The salon comprises of a fancy and colourful cart in the golden sand with a few iron boxes, which contain scissors of different shapes and razors. It takes three hours to decorate Shahrukh and Salman with colourful tassels, beads and mirrors. Even the tail is a sight to see. By the end of it, both look as beautiful and bashful as brides. The process of beautification would be an exciting and delightful sight for the tourists attending Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

desert Festival Camel

Decorating the camels is a very special art!! Earlier, camel raisers/owners would themselves be barbers. People would gather the camels in one place and collectively cut their hair. But now, this work is being done at special salons in style.

Another art form used on these animals is tattoos. Many camel owners have their animals take part in festivals and compete during races and polo matches. Having a decked-up camel can help them win prizes and they are ready to go that extra mile.    Wonder what the camels would say ;)

desert Festival Camel

But you don’t miss to witness the infatuating ramp and play of these flaunting beauties during Jaisalmer Desert Festival, starting from February 23 to 25, 2013!!

Baneshwar Fair, Dungarpur

baneshwar Fair2

Baneshwar Fair is once again organized from February 21 to 25, 2013  at a small delta formed by the river Som and Mahi in Dungarpur District. The name Bhaneshwar is derived from the Shiva Linga in the Mahadev temple of Dungarpur, Rajasthan. Majority of the people who attend the fair are a tribal community of Rajasthan and tourists from other countries.

The temple of Mahadev(Lord Shiva) remains open from 5.00 in the morning to 11.00 in the night during this Fair. The morning starts with bathing of the Shiva Linga, after which saffron is applied on it and an aarti is performed with burning incense. In the evening, ash is applied to the Linga and an aarti is performed again, but this time with a wick lamp. The night is livened up with the tribals singing traditional folk songs around bonfire. Offerings of pulses, rice, wheat flour, salt, jaggery, ghee, chilies, coconut, cash, etc are also made at the temple, by the devotees.


The other celebrations of the Baneshwar Fair include magic shows, folk dances, acrobatic feats and animal shows for the delight of tourists during the Fair.

Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show 2013.

vintage bike2

The 2nd edition of the Vintage & Motorcycle show is going to enthrall the bike aficionados on 16th February from 09.00am at the Paryatan Bhavan, Khasa Kothi hotel, Jaipur. The show will provide a stage to more than 100 vintage and classic motorcycles manufactured between 1933 and 1980, most of which have been built during the first and Second World War.

According to the organizers, some of the bikes are the rarest of rare and unique, and have never been modified to preserve the heritage; 7 of these bikes were on display at India Bike Week as well. Visitors will get a chance to see bikes from some iconic brands like BSA motorcycles, Indian, Harly-Davidson, Royal Enfield, Triumph, James, Excelsior, Norman, etc.

The two-day event will start on 16th February; her Excellency Margaret Alva, Governor, Rajasthan State will inaugurate the show, while Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur and Hon’ble Narendra Singh will be the chief guest. On Day 2 of the event, that is, 17th, there will be a bike rally around the city starting from the venue to continue to the Jawahar Circle ending at venue; this rally will have many, around 100, vintage bikes wowing the city from 2 pm to 4pm, which will be flagged-off by Mr. B.L. Soni, Police Commissioner, Jaipur City. After the rally, an award ceremony is to be held to honor the bike owners..

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Bikaner Camel Festival

If you thought Bikaner’s camel festival was the ultimate in exotic Indian festivals, wait till you see the fiesta at Jaisalmer. A three-day long extravaganza of dances, music, handicraft fairs and interesting competitions- including really unusual ones like a ‘Mr Desert’ pageant, a ‘turban-tying’ contest and a ‘best moustache’ contest- the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation from February 23 to 25, 2013.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

It is a fantastic showcase of all aspects of typical Rajasthani, and is justifiably popular with tourists, both Indian and foreign. Besides the food, the music and the cultural performances, there are camel rides, processions, camel polo, and even a camel tug-of-war.

jaisalmer fort

All the cultural programmes are held against the backdrop of the awesome Jaisalmer fort and the pristine dunes of Sam. Fireworks display at night light up the area, and the fort along with desert is illuminated too.

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